pull-up bannerstands for networking/events

our BUDGET model

A lightweight model with two rotating stabilising feet. The best of the many budget models on the market. Anything less than this version and you’ll end up being disappointed. Visible area: 800 x 2000mm


our STANDARD model

With one larger stabilising foot and more stylish base than the Budget model – something of a hybrid of the Budget and Premium models. Note: the pole is not height adjustable on this model. Visible area: 850 x 2000mm.


our PREMIUM model

An all round sturdier/heavier weight model with adjustable feet for uneven surfaces. (no leaning over problems or been blown about by any drafts!) Most of the base is unseen from the front due to the low front opening. Has a three section pole with a telescopic adjustable top pole for height variance. Visible area: 800 x 2000mm.

A firm favourite and the one we always recommend.


Discounts for multiple orders of 10 or more – contact us to discuss

All models come complete with a carry bag.
Costs are plus VAT
Delivery: £9.50+VAT

see below for examples, artwork instructions and how to order

ARTWORK requirements

If you need help with design/artwork for your stand, please contact us on 01777 581020 for a chat so we can work estimate a price – or use the enquiry form provided. Our design team have designed many 100’s of display stands that have received excellent feedback – and can create something that perfectly suits your company. 

If you are providing your own artwork, please note the following:

All colours should be in CMYK, not RGB.

For Budget and Premium Models – Visible size is 2000 x 800mm – so artwork is ideally required at 1000 x 425mm, but 500 x 212.5mm is fine if the content is all in vector format.

For Standard Models – Visible size is 2000 x 850mm – so artwork is ideally required at 1000 x 400mm, but 500 x 200mm is fine if the content is all in vector format.

Allow 150mm extra at the bottom, so 75mm if at half size and 37.5mm if quarter size.

Allow bleed to the left, right and top edges: 5mm if at half size and 2.5mm if quarter size.

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